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As an artist, I wanted to know all the details and processes of how the retaining wall would be built in the garden. Ashton always has a doable attitude and gives professional solutions which shows his deep experience and knowledge about his construction work and the ways he relayed information to me. 

After replacing the whole retaining wall in the garden, me and my family are very happy about the new retaining wall we have! We are really pleased to have it. It is not only a pleasing wall to look at but it also looks nice strong in its construction! We are satisfied with how Ashton constructed the wall using high quality materials and skilled workmanship,


I would strongly recommend to anyone who are looking for someone to build a retaining wall and still looking around making your decision: If you are looking for a professional retaining wall specialist, go for Ashton Sims; If you are looking for a passionate person who loves his work, go for Ashton Sims; If you are looking for a reliable construction service, go for Ashton Sims. You will be another happy customer like us!

I definitely will use  and refer his services in the near future! Best Retaining Wall Specialist! Thank you.  

Alvin Xiong


Ashton Sims Clients
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