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What causes a Retaining wall to fail?

With retaining walls there are many factors at play that could cause its failure; from construction techniques and materials used, life span of materials, soil types and embedment depths, surcharges and water pressures.


When constructing a retaining wall it is important to assess all the variables associated with each individual job. At the end of the day it pays to do things right, so if you have any concerns about a current wall or are thinking of installing a new retaining wall it pays to do it right from the get go!  As the old adage goes ' quality  only costs you once!' 

What can I do to help with the life of a retaining wall?

As stated above many things can impact the stability and life span of your retaining wall.

Surcharge is the main force that will put stress on a wall, new or old. if you can remove any large trees or items adding excess weight to the wall this will aid in relieving un necessary  pressure. 

Water is a killer to a retaining wall, if drainage isn't sufficient behind the retaining wall a build up of excess water can cause hydrostatic pressure which can be detrimental to the stability of the retaining wall and subsoils. Making sure that pipes and drains aren't blocked or broken around the retaining wall causing extra water to flow to it, this is a very easy thing to do to ensure your wall stands a chance in the inclement weather Taranaki is known to undergo. 

A good water blast of slime and moss can also help with preserving the timbers. 

Will I need Consent? 

Consent for retaining walls differs from job to job. As a rule of thumb you will not require consent if the retaining wall is under 1.5 meters in height and has no direct surcharge from a dwelling, roadway, carpark or pool. Retaining walls on boundaries will require written consent from both property owners.

If you are unsure if your wall will need consent book a free quote and AS construction will help advise on any queries. 


What are our wall options?

There are many different types of retaining walls that serve different purposes,  timber, concrete and block. 

Book a free quote with AS construction and we can advise on the best option of retaining wall for your project. 

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