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Ashton Sims Construction is a locally owned and operated company based in Taranaki. Specialists in timber pile retaining and ground stablisation, we take great pride in creating solutions and completing projects to the highest standard possible, particularly on more difficult sites and projects.  

We work closely with our clients to ensure their vision and desired outcomes of the project are taken into account with the design and execution of works. 

Ashton Sims Construction

Ashton is the owner-operator of ASC. He has worked in this field for several years, gaining experience, skills and knowledge by working on jobs varying in type and difficulty; from flat sections to near vertical. Ashton is passionate about creating workable ideas from engineers plans that reflect the vision of the client, and will ensure they are happy with each stage of the project right until completion. Ashton is so passionate about his work, he will often call in to check on previous jobs to ensure clients are content long after projects have been completed. 

From a young age, Ashton always had a tool in his hand and dreamed of operating a digger, now the tools are heavier and he gets to live his dream most days. 

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